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'Way of the Balisong' is a passion project that started from a visit to the heritage town of Taal, in the Batangas region of the Philippines by filmmaker Paul Factora in 2012.

After hearing about the plight of the people in Barangay Balisong and speaking with prominent blade merchant Diosdado Ona about the disappearing industry within the Town it was named after,  a decision was made to return and document their story.  

After 2 subsequent trips to the Philippines, the story expanded. Originally intended as a short 10 minute piece, it became apparent that the tale of the Balisong knife was not relegated to just the Philippines and in order to tell the full story the project must also grow.   
It wasn't just about a knife, it became about the people who pioneered a craft that spread throughout the world and how that craft is now dwindling away.

Along with a couple of friends & cameras over half of the principle photography was shot in the Philippines, completely self funded. 

Completing the film in it's envisioned entirety, will require another trip to the Philippines and several interviews shot throughout the U.S. 
'Way Of The Balisong' will need YOUR help to be completed.